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Some call it Arbitrage calculator some Dutching Calculator or Sure bet calculator. Anyway, it's the same. Try our Arb calculator. It's simple.

Enter the desired amount you invest and odds and click on the calculate to results. In case there are three outcomes, fill in all three fields. In the event that there are two outcomes (tennis, under/over, back/lay...) fill only two fields. Format is a decimal with a point (eg 2.25)

Enter your Total (desired) Stake

Enter odds (1,draw,2 or 1,2 (back/lay)) in the case is two outcimes

Stake by bet:

1 (0) | NAN$
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Total stake:


Your profit:


The best way to have the thousands arbs!

Thousands of arbs every day! No arb profit restriction! Cross Market support (advanced arbitrage betting by mixing different markets in the same arb!)

Arbitrage calculatorArbitrage calculator